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Powder Coating

The expertise and resources to apply all types of finishes, powders and colors to optimize product look and performance. Read More


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Precision at Work


With resources stretched thin and timelines short, ĢƵƬ is the total solutions source to increase your supply chain effectiveness, and control workflow, quality and accountability at every stage: source, engineer, manufacture, test and ship it - all from ĢƵƬ.


At ĢƵƬ, the pursuit of quality improvement is company-wide and continuous. Our QC Lab is among the best equipped in our industry, and we employ a wide variety of quality processes and capabilities throughout our operations.


'Under one roof' aren't just buzzwords at ĢƵƬ. It's a business strategy that gives us an enormous competitive advantage over our competitors. We're vertically integrated, saving the precious time and cost that you'll experience elsewhere. From engineering to assembly, precision machining to powder coating, it's all right here at ĢƵƬ.


Investment in the latest machining technologies is a key ĢƵƬ competitive advantage. You'll find all of the resources needed 'under one roof' to source, machine, finish and even ship your next project faster and more cost-effectively than you thought possible.


Speed and precision go hand-in-hand at ĢƵƬ. We're heavily invested in advanced, highly automated horizontal machining centers that do more precision work in fewer setups; palletized machines that greatly reduce non-productive time; and optimized workflows that speed throughput and take time and money out of every part.


We're a dedicated workforce with a common purpose: reduce cost and add value at every stage of the process. Our project management team takes ownership of your project from Day 1 - defining your requirements, managing production reviews and ensuring we hit every benchmark.


  • Design for Manufacturability...

    "We needed ĢƵƬ's hydraulic components expertise to help to design a new hydraulic steering manifold for optimum manufacturability. They helped us overcome many challenges: designing and sourcing the sand casting, machining the spool bore with a particularly tight (±.00007") tolerance on the diameter, achieving a 1.47 CPk thru production, and delivering a 100% burr free part."

  • One Stop Shop...

    "By single-sourcing machining and powder coating with ĢƵƬ, we've saved a considerable amount of money. Before, we had to mask all of the parts for powder coating because we were machining first and then sending the parts out for paint. Now, Sycamore does both processes in house, and powder coats the raw castings first and then machining the parts to print, thus eliminating the laborious time and cost of hand masking."

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